Emery release new acoustic album


The Seattle-based band’s new acoustic record, “Emery Acoustic: Live in Houston”, features songs from previous albums, which one having their own video.

As of now, the album is available exclusively on the band’s official website and on BadChristian’s official store. You can also consider tipping, as the band will use the money “to buy better camera equipment to do more live stream events”.

You can stream the music videos on the band’s official website.

Emery Acoustic - Live in Houston

Track listing:
1. The Ponytail Parades (from The Weak’s End)
2. Can’t Stop the Killer (from I’m Only A Man)
3. From Crib to Coffin (from I’m Only A Man)
4. Dear Death Pt. 1 (from In Shallow Seas We Sails)
5. Dear Death Pt. 2 (from In Shallow Seas We Sails)
6. In a Win, Win Situation (from The Question)
7. Studying Politics (from The Question)
8. Walls (from The Weak’s End)

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