Silent Planet’s new album, “Everything Was Sound”, out now

Silent Planet

The metalcore band’s 13-song album was released today via Solid State Records.

According to the band, the “new record is dark. It deals with the heaviest stuff [they]’ve ever encountered.” This can be pretty much seen in all of the videos the band have released so far – “Orphan“, “Panic Room” and “Psychescape“.

You can check out the cover and track listing for “Everything Was Sound” below:

Silent Planet - Everything Was Sound

Track listing:
1. Inherit the Earth
2. Psychescape
3. Dying in Circles
4. Understanding Love As Loss
5. Tout Comprendre
6. Panic Room
8. Nervosa
9. C’est Tout Pardonner
10. Orphan
11. No Place To Breathe
12. First Father
13. Inhabit the Wound

“Everything Was Sound” is available right now on the band’s official website, Google Play, iTunes and Amazon.

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