Skillet’s new album “Unleashed” out now


Skillet released today their new record, “Unleashed”, via Atlantic Records.

“We put our hearts into the record and aimed to write songs people could easily relate to anywhere and everywhere”, the band said on their Facebook page.

Skillet have also recently released a music video for the album’s first single, “Feel Invincible”, and you can check it out here.

Skillet - Unleashed

Track listing:
1. Feel Invincible
2. Back From the Dead
3. Stars
4. I Want to Live
5. Undefeated
6. Famous
7. Lions
8. Out of Hell
9. Burn it Down
10. Watching for Comets
11. Saviors of the World
12. The Resistance

“Unleashed” is available now on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon.

Skillet links: Website / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram