Solid State Records releases otherworldly “Free 2016 Sampler”

Solid State Records 900x350

Solid State Records released a 5-song sampler which offers songs from Silent Planet, Fit For A King, Forevermore, Norma Jean and The Ongoing Concept.

Three of the songs are from albums already released, while the songs from Norma Jean and Fit For A King are from their upcoming albums, Polar Similar and Deathgrip, respectively.

Solid State Records - Free 2016 Sampler

Track listing:
1. Inherit The Earth (from Silent Planet‘s Everything Was Sound)
2. Pissed Off (from Fit For A King‘s Deathgrip)
3. Overlord (from Forevermore‘s Integral)
4. 1,000,000 Watts (from Norma Jean‘s upcoming release Polar Similar)
5. Unwanted (from The Ongoing Concept‘s Handmade)

Solid State Records’ Free 2016 Sampler is available now for free on the label’s official store.

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