Pre-orders for Disciple’s new album “Long Live the Rebels” available now


Disciple will release their new record, Long Live the Rebels, later this year on October 14th.

Despite being recorded independently through a Kickstarter campaign, Tooth & Nail Records will be distributing and promoting the album, which, according to the band, “allows [them] to maintain [their] status as an independent band, while enjoying many of the benefits of a label collaboration.”


1. First Love
2. Long Live the Rebels
3. Secret Weapon
4. Erase
5. Come My Way
6. Underdog Fight Song
7. God Is With Us
8. Spirit Fire
9. Forever Starts Today
10. Black Hole
11. Spinning
12. Empty Grave

Long Live the Rebels is available for pre-order right now on iTunes. By pre-ordering now you get an instant download of two new songs, Erase and Underdog Fight Song.

Disciple links: Website / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube