ILIA announce breakup



Suzy Martinez clarified on her Facebook page that a new album is still coming out, but without her vocals, as it will be made by the remaining members of ILIA’s new band. If you have donated for the crowdfunding campaign, you can request a refund by emailing


Hard rock band ILIA have announced the band has come to an end.

“We as a band have been pushed beyond what we thought we were capable of and we have all grown as people and musicians. Through that we found we all have different visions of what we want to do and where we want to go with our lives. With that said, we feel it is best to put ILIA to rest and go our separate ways”, the band said on their Facebook page.

The band cancelled their show in Germany at Christmas Rock Night this weekend. ILIA also promised to release more information about the unreleased album on the days to come.

Vocalist Suzy Martines said she will be announcing future projects soon, while Jessica and Justin Patterson also promised new updates.

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