Emery announce new album, Indiegogo campaign live now


Emery have announced an Indiegogo campaign for their seventh full-length record.

No title or release date for the record were revealed yet, but the earliest shipping date for rewards is scheduled for later this year in October.

Every order gets an instant download of the exclusive Emery: Classics Reimagined EP, which includes re-arranged & re-recorded versions of So Cold I Can See My Breath, The Smile, The Face, and As Your Voice Fades, alongside advance chapters of the book “Emery, the Unlikely Masters of Rock: How Four Rednecks and a Hipster Became Screamo Legends”, by Aaron Lunsford.

“We want to make our best album yet. We want to assemble an incredible production team. We want to spend a ton of time writing and arranging, like we used to. We’re shooting for the stars, and you are the jet fuel we need to get there”, the band said.

You can check out the campaign page and all available rewards here.

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