Silent Planet release music video for “Understanding Love As Loss”

Silent Planet

Silent Planet have released a music video for the song Understanding Love As Loss, from their latest full-length recordEverything Was Sound, released last year via Solid State Records.

“As I’ve spent the last three years primarily throwing my life into relationships with people throughout the world, I’ve understood that truly loving someone involves giving up part of yourself and allowing them into the sacred space of your self. In both the happy and sad endings of loving someone, I’ve begun to see that love and loss aren’t at odds, but are mutually inclusive,” the band told Billboard. (You can check the whole interview here.)

As the entire record, Understanding Love As Loss is dark, as it deals with depression and suicide. It’s meant to give listeners hope and show that living is worth it and there’s always people who love and care about them.

You can watch the video below.

Everything Was Sound is available right now on the band’s official website, Google Play, iTunesAmazon and more.

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