Hundred Suns’ debut album “The Prestaliis” out now

Hundred Suns 900x350

Hundred Suns’ new full-length record, The Prestaliis, was released today via New Damage Records.

The band is composed by Norma Jean lead singer, Cory Brandan, former Every Time I Die drummer, Ryan Leger, and former Dead & Divine guitarrist, Chris LeMasters.

The Prestaliis features the recently released songs, Last Apology and Amaranthine, and is available now on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and more.

Hundred Suns - The Prestaliis

Track listing:
1. The Prestaliis I
2. Partner/Predator
3. Bedburner
4. Last Apology
5. December
6. Fractional
7. Reversal
8. Hellelujah
9. Infinite Winter
10. Amaranthine
11. The Prestaliis II

You can watch the music video for Amaranthine below.

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